Transportation & Logistics Software Development Services

Maximize Your Business Performance with Tailored Transportation & Logistics Software Solutions

Streamline your operations for elevated efficiency at every stage of your business. Bespoke solutions fit to your unique needs help you reduce costs by elevating route optimization, fleet management, inventory tracking and warehouse management. Let’s create the right software solution strategically created for your supply chain operations, increasing your visibility and control across the entire journey.

Logistics management creating solutions specific to you

Cost, speed, reliability – don’t let logistics challenges slow you down. Your copilot to tangible results, we’ll map out the best path forward to help you overcome obstacles with a comprehensive range of solutions specifically for your situation. If it involves logistics, we can solve it so everything runs smoother, from fleet, warehouse and transportation management and beyond.

Optimize your route planning 

Start implementing the most efficient routes for your vehicles and drivers immediately. Use real-time data-driven decisions to optimize delivery time windows, adjust for customer preferences, and even reduce fuel costs. Now, you’ll be agile enough to adjust routes rapidly as conditions change, maximizing speed and improving customer service by removing disruptions and roadblocks.

Precision to know when deliveries will arrive

Throw worrying and guesswork out the window. Time is perhaps the most vital asset for logistics and transportation management, especially because drivers must be laser-focused on the road with minimal distractions. You can count on us because we’ve been down this road with hands-on experience delivering stellar fleet management solutions. You’ll have intel at every moment with proven software to track vehicles in real time and monitor performance.

Accelerate your cargo transportation management

The clock is always in motion for a cargo transportation industry that works around the clock. Automating systems and tasks such as trip coordination and communication, plus shipment tracking, can increase operations visibility while removing friction so things can roll along smoothly, no matter the time. With custom logistics software, you can spot areas for improvement faster to provide clients with detailed reports about their shipment’s progress, including ETA, to boost business relationships.

Centralized management to stop avoidable losses

It’s time to speed past the old way of transportation management full of potholes like manual processes, miscommunication, and unpredictable cancellations that lead to painful financial losses. Hop on board the new way of transportation management. Detailed analytics and data collection in a centralized system will keep you ahead of the curve with time-sensitive notifications on email or mobile. Spot trends, such as order fulfilment or shipment delays, with the knowledge and flexibility to adapt fast and correct course effectively and efficiently.


Delivering proven transportation software solutions.

  • Container Freight Exchange (CFX)

    Real-time cargo monitoring from start to finish. A custom-made platform solution that gives you the power of efficient management for global container shipments. Connect with your customers on a new level, allowing them to monitor cargo anytime, anywhere, with access to competitive rates from multiple carriers.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    It’s crucial to have a comprehensive solution that can handle all your warehouse logistics. And it’s all possible, from optimizing inventory management and order fulfillment to automating vital processes all in one place. From receiving to replenishment, putaway to picking, packing, and shipment activities, and any other warehouse operations essential to your business. packing, and shipping activities.

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)

    Plan, execute, optimize. Reduce business costs by automating and simplifying supply chain operations across modes of transport all in one platform. With our proven transportation management app development process, track freight everywhere and stay compliant anywhere to avoid unwanted shipment delays and penalties.

  • Route Optimization

    Analyze every factor in an instant with efficient route optimization software. Identify cost-effective shipment routes that factor in travel times, fuel costs, traffic patterns, and other factors that help shape the smoothest routes.

  • Fleet Management Software

    With proven logistics app development solutions, we know the way to creating fleet management software suited to your needs. Get reliably automated vehicle tracking and maintenance scheduling while gaining a deeper understanding of key metrics like fuel consumption and driver performance.

  • Asset Tracking & Management

    Asset tracking solutions allow you real-time location monitoring backed by GPS technology and RFID tags. It’s a time-saver and game-changer, letting you quickly locate assets the moment it’s needed for things such as repairs or servicing.

  • Security Factor

    Protect precious data with secure transportation logistics software equipped with fortified encryption methods. Only authorized users will be able to access your confidential, sensitive information, keeping malicious actors away.

  • Location Tracking Application

    At the heart of successful supply chain management is access to actionable detailed analytics. The right software will help you better monitor assets to optimize transportation and logistics operations. More consistency and reliability means better customer retention thanks to real-time updates on shipments.

  • Logistic Marketplaces

    Scalability is built-in to our custom logistics services app development so you can stay on the go as you grow. Integrate transport providers and their customers across a country or entire continent. Make the most of the features that fit you, like geolocation, geofencing, gamification, push notifications, premium orders, or shipment optimization tools.

First-hand feedback from our clients

DeSmart Software Development has succeeded where several other companies have not. I started this project with a certain vision of what I wanted, but no other companies have been able to provide me with what I wanted. With DeSmart Software Development, I have gotten what I wanted and more.
We received a great deal of effort for our money, and I’m happy with our collaboration. The quality of work was professional, and their team identified any bugs by themselves most of the time. Based on the ideas we provided, they came back with an improved solution. They also gave us extra product functionalities.
The initial meeting we had with DeSmart before we started the project was really effective. I recommend doing so if you have the opportunity. Also, their communication, speed of development, and expertise were impressive. DeSmart was excellent at providing their own ideas, which benefited the project greatly.
DeSmart is synonymous with service quality. The company works in a truly agile mode, regularly delivering work increments, which allows to quickly and easily synchronise on requirement details. I was especially impressed with the dev team’s capability to quickly learn and start using our new APIs.
I’d highlight that their ability to adapt is exceptional. We didn’t go with a fixed scope and ended up with a different product than we’d had in mind. They were accommodating of changes and adjustments. That made them very easy to work with. They were also very transparent about pricing, which we appreciated.
I was impressed with their developers' efficiency, speed, and flexibility . Cooperation was smooth and uninterrupted. Monitoring of resource consumption to be improved. Great culture fit. Good value for cost. Company values aligned.