Transportation & Logistics Software Development Services

Maximize Your Business Performance with Tailored Transportation & Logistics Software Solutions

With bespoke transportation and logistics software, you can streamline operations, grow efficiency, and reduce costs. From route optimization and fleet management to inventory tracking and warehouse management, the right software can help you increase visibility and control over your supply chain operations.


Logistics management software that will solve your challenges

If your main struggles boil down to cost, speed, and reliability, our software development team is here for you! Our logistics and transportation software can help you to overcome these challenges by providing a range of solutions such as route optimization, fleet management, supply chain visibility, logistics marketplaces, warehouse management system, transportation management system, and more!

Optimize your route planning 

Find the best way to get from point A to point B. With technology developed by DeSmart, you can cut down costs, maximize your speed, and optimize delivery time windows or customer preferences. Start implementing the most efficient routes for your vehicles and drivers, reducing fuel costs and improving customer service. Adjust your routes to rapidly changing conditions thanks to real-time data, and get all the disruptions out of your way.

Will your cargo arrive in time? 

No more worrying and guesswork! We know that your time is a super vital asset. We are also fully aware that your drivers must focus on the road and cannot be distracted. Our transportation software development company has hands-on experience in delivering apps that will help you track your vehicles in real-time and monitor their performance. With a stellar fleet management solution, you can have all the intel under your fingertips. 

Accelerate your cargo transportation management

The Cargo transportation industry comes down to working around the clock. Most trips are contracted daily, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse all the time. But it doesn’t have to work like that! With custom logistics software, you can automate trip coordination and communication. With shipment tracking and increased operations visibility, you can identify areas for improvements and ensure customers can view detailed reports about their shipment’s progress, including estimated time of arrival.

Stay on top and avoid possible losses

The old way of transportation management – manual processes, misunderstanding between stakeholders, and being on a constant watch for possible cancellations that would lead to painful financial losses. The new way of transportation management – a centralized system for collecting data and sending notifications to email or your mobile. With detailed analytics, you can easily spot trends in order fulfillment or shipment delays to take corrective action quickly and effectively.


Transportation software solutions we can cover for you

  • Container Freight Exchange (CFX)

    Let’s work on creating an efficient platform that will foster the efficient management of global container shipments, enabling customers to monitor their cargo from start to finish in real-time and delivering access to competitive rates from multiple carriers.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Let's team up to develop a comprehensive solution that helps optimize inventory management, order fulfillment, and other warehouse operations. It will be possible thanks to automating key processes such as receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking, packing, and shipping activities.

  • Route Optimization

    As we highlighted earlier, route optimization software can help your company become more efficient by identifying cost-effective routes for shipments. Imagine fuel costs, travel times, or traffic patterns - all those factors help to shape the most suitable routes.

  • Fleet Management Software

    As a seasoned logistics app development company, we can also build fleet management solutions that will automate your vehicle tracking and maintenance scheduling. That software can give you a deeper understanding of your key metrics, such as fuel consumption or drivers' performance.

  • Asset Tracking & Management

    Asset tracking solutions will allow you to keep track of your assets in real-time by monitoring their location via GPS technology or RFID tags attached to each asset item. Why does it matter? For any repairs or servicing, you can quickly locate them and handle the rest.

  • Security Factor

    Protect your data with secure transportation logistics software. To be on the safe side, we will make sure your technology uses encryption methods to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information, preventing malicious actors from accessing confidential information.

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)

    Plan, execute, and optimize your supply chains thanks to our transportation management application development. Reduce business costs by automating processes and simplifying supply chain operations across various modes of transport. Use one platform to track freight wherever it is and stay compliant to avoid penalties and shipment delays.

  • Location Tracking Application

    Another part of successful supply chain management is developing software that will help you better monitor your assets and optimize transportation and logistics operations. Not only will you access detailed analytics on vehicle locations, but you will also help retain your customers thanks to real-time updates on their shipments.

  • Logistic Marketplaces

    If you want to scale your business with a freight marketplace that will integrate transport providers and their customers across a country or a continent, our custom logistics services app development is here to help! Make the most of the features like geolocation, geofencing, gamification, push notifications, premium orders, or shipment optimization tools.

What our clients say about our logistic development services

We received a great deal of effort for our money, and I’m happy with our collaboration. The quality of work was professional, and their team identified any bugs by themselves most of the time. Based on the ideas we provided, they came back with an improved solution. They also gave us extra product functionalities.
The initial meeting we had with DeSmart before we started the project was really effective. I recommend doing so if you have the opportunity. Also, their communication, speed of development, and expertise were impressive. DeSmart was excellent at providing their own ideas, which benefited the project greatly.
DeSmart is synonymous with service quality. The company works in a truly agile mode, regularly
delivering work increments, which allows to quickly and easily synchronise on requirement details. I was
especially impressed with the dev team’s capability to quickly learn and start using our new APIs.