Dump Links #3 – Make a Clean Code

Before I wrote this post I had to wonder for a long time about what I want to write. I was undecided because a lot of projects were released lately. All of those new toys are really interesting, but in my opinion, I’ve chosen only the most engaging ones. In this episode of Dump Links you’ll find mostly links to libraries and articles about PHP as well as JavaScript. I really wanted to share our work experience with you as well. Let’s start and enjoy reading!

Delving into the great depths of the Internet, I’ve stumbled upon something called Titon. Titon is a collection of components which might be very helpful for creating your web application. This framework could be a really great option for replacing Bootstrap. Would you give it a try?

The world of JavaScript technology is rapidly changing everyday. A few years ago, you would use Photoshop to make beautiful patterns or backgrounds to use on websites. Today you could avoid this expensive tool and use Textures.js for such things. Textures.js is a fantastic alternative. Just take a look at examples of usage in the library. Neat!

In the near future I’m going to organize a short presentation about using GIT at my work. Some people are using GIT all day and don’t need tips&tricks, but some of them do. I’m still wondering how to do this. As I’m a fan of Mac, I probably should use Keynote, but in my opinion, 50 slides aren’t a good idea. As I’m a nerdy geek ;), I decided I’ll use Intro.js. Will see if it could be a replacement for creating small tutorials.

By the way, did you noticed that any tool written in JavaScript with a name that ends with the suffix .js is good? 😉

I couldn’t mention my good colleague Kamil who just released his package ReadmeGen. ReadmeGen is a package that allows you to generate readme file based on your commits to repository. With this tool you can get quick recall of what has been done since the last version, present it to your team or the client. It’s a good practice before releasing a new version of your application. Kamil also wrote an article about ReadmeGen on our blog – you should read it.

As far as releases go, Radek, our CTO, wrote an interesting article about data migration, which is something you would probably need when you create a new application based on old ones’ data.

Security is one of the most important elements which we should take care of. In DeSmart we use GPG encryption. Check out official Wikipedia GPG page to see how it works. If you don’t know where you can publish your key – you should visit Keybase. It’s a place where you can concatenate different accounts with your Keybase profile. Very useful.

Do you write a lot of email messages and you lose a lot of time on formatting text? Check out Markdown Here. It’s a simple browser extension which that allow you to write email messages using markdown style. If you don’t know markdown style – you’ll find it on extension’s website.

At the last PHPers meeting, Radek talked about our beginnings with DDD. I personally think that our way to clean, DDD driven code will be long, but thanks to the articles below we learn a lot. For example: check how to introduce repository patterns into your code, or to code using general SOLID rules.

That’s all for today. Feel free to discuss in the comments. Did you read previous posts from “Dump links” series? You might find useful ideas in the one about Laravel, Behat, Phabricator and the other about JavaScript tools.

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