Dump Links #2 – JavaScript Tools

In the previous part of the „Dump Links” I focused on articles and links about server side language. Today I prepared something about tools written using JavaScript. Enjoy!

DeJavu is an object-oriented tool for JavaScript developers. This library provides you with full of objects interface, which is available in other programming languages such as Java or PHP. DeJavu offers classes (including abstract, final or extends), interfaces, constants and visibility attribute (public, protected, private).

Whoever had to adjust the design or action of an application for different browsers knows how difficult this task is. WhichBrowser may be a helpful tool. This library detects user’s browser (e.g. Chrome), device (e.g. Mobile), operation system (e.g. MacOS) and browser engine (e.g. Blink). With this library you can add some classes for any HTML elements. It will work with different environments and different browsers.

Have you ever tried to create a graph in HTML and CSS? If your answer is yes, then you know that’s a difficult task. Maybe you should check out Mermaid. This library generates advanced diagrams with a few instructions stored in markdown syntax and allows you to customize the appearance of diagrams using CSS.

Have you ever sent by mistake emails from developer machine to production users? Unfortunately we did. We don’t want this mistake to happen again so we wrote a package which takes care of it for us. Each time we send a message, script checks if recipients’ email is on the white list. If so, then e-mail will be send to the user. If not then it will be send to our account. This allows us to safely test the high functionalities, such as the newsletter, on the production database.

Do you have a problem with selecting colors in your application? You definitely should check Coolors. It’s a simple tool for generating random palettes of colors.

In previous post I mentioned about Domain Driven Development in theory. A few days ago I’ve found an interesting article about practical development in DDD. It’s an example of application written in Symfony including Behat and it’s available on Github.

If you don’t have any ideas for New Year’s Eve, you can play a game or you can solve crosswords built with regular expressions.

If this post didn’t satisfy your desire for knowledge, I recommend to choose something from the TOP50 Code Post 2014 list. I think that you’ll find an interesting article there.

Feel free to write your comments and share „Dump Links” with others. See you soon!

PS: Did you see our Christmas video? 😉

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