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Vue.js is a strong and convenient solution for building user interfaces. Due to its smooth integration with other JavaScript libraries or existing apps, Vue is a rich ecosystem with huge opportunities for front-end development. As a progressive framework - different from other monolithic solutions - Vue.js can be used to create big sized projects faster, without compromising on size, performance or reliability.

Explore the Vue.js advantages with Desmart

Vue.js can be used for many different types of applications.

The ecosystem is the perfect option for:

- Dynamic high-performance applications,

- Changing the content quickly without reloading the page, which makes it the perfect framework for Single-Page Applications,

- Development of an existing project or framework.

If one of your goals is a beautiful interface for applications your customers can enjoy, use Vue.js!

Our developers are always open to advise you on the important aspects when choosing a framework for your application.

Why Desmart for your next Vue.js project?

Competence. At Desmart, you assign your projects to our qualified development team.

Experience.  We always start every project with business analysis.  We have already successfully accomplished numerous projects using Vue.js. See our projects.

Quality. We work on development and maintenance along with code review and quality tests.

Support. We believe that the release date of your app is just the beginning of our cooperation. Our team is going to work on the application, even after its launch to make sure it is enjoyed by users.



The process

Product development without a good workflow is difficult. That's why after completing many projects we came up with the concept of 6 steps to successful software development.

PathSmall path

First date

Communication is the key in the process of software development. We discuss the project goals and make sure that we fully understand the scope. It’s also a great time to get to know each other.



Our dedicated software development team estimates the project based on the discussion with the client.


Agile Workshop

We meet with the client for an Agile Workshop where we create a development plan and a backlog for the first release of the product. We use tools like Story Mapping and Product Canvas.


UX/UI design

Based on the client's business goals we create a clickable prototype where every detail matters. This phase helps us understand the expectations of the users.


Development & QA

We work in weekly or biweekly Sprints. Each Sprint starts with a planning session and ends with a demo a new version of the product. All the latest features are tested and ready for release.



Your product is now ready! But we're still here to help you with continuous development. As we listen to the feedback from the users, we'll help you implement the necessary changes to your product. Let us help you make your product successful!

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