WHERE. Find your vibe!

We had an opportunity to develop a social app which helps people socialize and have fun how they want and WHERE they want: playing sports, enjoying drinks or watching a football game. Find out more!

Project details

WHERE APP lets people see where other like-minded people like them are can be met, and what are they - doing. The App is ideal for those people who are keen to find a buzzing venue for drinks or a local game to play or watch.





Our challenges

Our client was looking for a software team to create a social app which allows users to find out where people of the same interests are hanging out or planning to go.

It was not the first attempt for the WHERE team and with the lessons learned from the first iteration, they have decided to start the second iteration with a clean slate.

The client challenged Desmart with the delivery of the second iteration in a limited time of 9 weeks, while a typical time to market for mobile apps is about 15-20 weeks. On top of that, the app was supposed to not repeat the mistakes from the first iteration, and the idea was to release a version of it after 8 sprints to test assumptions made during design with help of beta testers.

Our solutions

The key feature of the app - finding WHERE people spend time - was a map presenting the users’ activities as custom markers clustered for better readability and possibility to search by location. Since the ideas and their implementation were to be challenged by a group of beta testers, we introduced an analytics tool - Mixpanel. Conclusions from the data gathered with Mixpanel were applied during the last week of development, added by the client on top of the previously assumed 9 weeks.

About the client

Our client is a startup from the UK, founded by Charly Harrison. Thanks to our client's rational approach and the ability to make decisions quickly, it was much easier to build an app according to expectations.

Behind the scenes

Two native applications were built by a closely cooperating team of:

  • 2 iOS and 2 Android developers,
  • a UX/UI designer, who delivering a pleasant user experience while making the development within the imposed time constraints,
  • dedicated QA engineer.

Since time was the big factor - the deadline was in line with a big promotional event - both Product Owner and us had to be strictly goal-oriented during refinement. We needed to focus on the key features delivering the biggest business value.

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