We had the pleasure of working on creating a mobile app which simplifies operating e-commerce business. Find out more!

Project details

Shoplo is an E-commerce hub that offers three powerful tools designed for multichannel online sales.

It helps digital entrepreneurs:

  • craft an online store that perfectly reflects a brand.
  • manage their business from one place: a store, products, clients, orders and multichannel selling.
  • support their clients and easily managing their messages from different platforms.
  • Shoplo is a startup that is constantly extending its services to make E-commerce even easier for all entrepreneurs.

    They needed to add a mobile edge to their successful business and invited Desmart to collaborate on a project.





    Our challenges

    Shoplo needed an app that was multi-faceted and user-friendly. Their aim was to provide users with a tool that helps to control managing products on many channels, inventory, orders and revenue while also, connecting with customers in a smooth and natural way.

    We tried to find the most efficient solution to make the code as elegant as possible, as well as deliver the product on time.

    Our solutions

    The solution consists of using React Native, because this approach made mobile development way quicker. Additionally our developers had a solid native Android and iOS background. It helped to solve lots of issues concerning with JavaScript development.

    High level of communication, knowledge sharing by devteam with different backgrounds working together on one product made the process easy.

    About the client

    Shoplo is a startup that is constantly extending its services to make e-commerce even easier for all entrepreneurs. Their aim is to create the ultimate platform that helps small businesses sell globally.

    Behind the scenes

    To achieve our goals, we utilized iterative, highly collaborative Scrum methodology. We were impressed with the customer’s straightforwardness and determination concerning the app’s creation.

    It was a pleasure to cooperate with our client, since he knew what he wanted, which guided us in the process of key features implementation.

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