Salaries in Healthcare

Salaries in Healthcare allows doctors, dentists, and other healthcare workers to see how their salaries and job satisfaction rates compare to those of their colleagues domestically and abroad.

Project details

The main idea of the app was to create a place for people connected with the medical field, where they could check how their salaries (and other benefits) look like in comparison to others from different places in the world.

In doing so, the Salaries in Healthcare allows healthcare professionals and students valuable insight in planning the next steps in their careers.





Our challenges

The main goal of the site was to give people a useful tool to compare their salaries to others in the same healthcare field.

Graphics were prepared by Engram Studio. We took over the responsibility for UX design, testing, and development.

Our solutions

Using an Angular 2 framework, we developed a usable form for healthcare workers. Users get a report on salaries worldwide.

About the client

The Client is a business services startup leading the way in bringing unprecedented transparency to the global employment market for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. Our Client is collecting information about salaries all around the world which we presented in an understandable and accessible way in form of Salary Reports.

Background of cooperation

Greg, the Product Owner chose DESMART as a partner to build a portal, where people can compare their salaries with other healthcare workers. During the process we use AngularJS as a framework.

You can read the full story on our blog.

During our initial meetings, they understood well what our business purpose was. Based on this, they made many recommendations that we hadn't thought about. When working on an IT solution, the ultimate aim isn't to create a nice, fancy website, but rather to create one that serves a purpose. This is exactly what DeSmart did.

Grzegorz Chodkowski

Founder & CEO

Salary Genius

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