The website where you can book an appointment in surgery clinics in Thailand and dental clinics in Poland.

Project details

Renuval offers you top quality care at JCI Accredited hospital, dental centers and eye care clinics. Whether you're in need of a health checkup, plastic surgery, dental treatment, LASIK or treatment for chronic illness, we can help guide you to the right care from the right professional at the right institution in destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai.





Our challenges

We tried to connect people looking for off shore certified surgery and dental clinics.

Our solutions

Website for reviewing clinics in Poland and Thailand and finding a trusted doctor at a reasonable price.

About the client

Set of tools which will alter medical tourism -bringing it into the XXI century. The project meets patients' needs and significantly improves access to medical services. Renuval allows you to save time spent on searching for certified medical personnel, organizing trip and getting a response from specialists.

Background of cooperation

We decided to build a startup with Kevin, who took charge of the business side. Together with our partners, we were responsible for developing software and launching it in East-Central Europe.

DeSmart aren't outsourcers, they're partners. We exchange ideas, they find solutions and then they execute. It's been a great partnership!

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