React.JS based logistics application

Check out a case study of an innovative dashboard for shipping and freight forwarding. Desmart took part in the software development of a digital freight forwarder.

Project details

Our client wanted to simplify their transportation and logistics process. They decided to create a multi-carrier digital freight forwarder which would allow their customers to make online bookings and track shipments without time-consuming e-mails and long-lasting phone calls.

The platform gives their customers a tool to store important documents, contact details, and shipment information all in one place.





Our challenges

Due to the launch of the platform for new markets, our client wanted the whole project to be delivered within a short time period. The platform was to be easy-to-use and susceptible to continuous development in accordance with customer needs.

Our solutions

Desmart developers were invited to work on the app, as a part of an international team. We knew that due to the time constraint, communication with the rest of the team would be crucial. We stayed in daily online contact with the on-site team. Regular face to face meetings with teams at the customer's premises, as well as in our HQ, has improved the communication process with dev teams.

The system needed to be created in accordance with the latest and innovative IT trends, that’s why our task was to rewrite an app in React.js.

We had to provide an in-time control of packages conditions and integration with 3rd party applications for order processing and inventory management, as well as warehouse and transportation management. It required a quick adaptation to the specifics of orders in the logistics industry from our team. Thanks to the knowledge of other projects in the same branch, as well as the experience in the logistics industry some of our employees had, we have managed to dive into specific requirements fast and shorten the development time.

About the client

The customer who approached us for this app runs a renowned international logistics company. We are happy for every opportunity to talk about our work openly, but unfortunately, this project was run under NDA premises.

Behind the scenes

We were a part of an international extended development team. To ensure the best flow of information, Scrum Masters were dedicated to both on-site and remote teams, thanks to that we could efficiently carry out the development process.

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