Nowadays any real estate professional knows how important floor plans are when it comes to finding and winning over prospective buyers. QuickPlan is a designing tool for real estate agents that help them build interactive models of the apartment.

Project details

QuickPlan delivers professional floor plans for real estate market. It’s created to help real estate agencies to present apartments in the best possible way: by providing 2D plans and photorealistic real estate visualizations.





Our challenges

Most of the real estate agents draw the plan of the apartment with some advanced tool or they use paper. Founders of QuickPlan decided to create a simple and useful tool for delivering plans.

Our solutions

An online tool that helps real estate agents create 2-D plans of the apartment.

About the client

Our Client was a startup. Their aim was to make life easier for real estate agents in Poland and worldwide. They wanted to provide them with tools to present real estate in the best possible way.

Background of cooperation

The idea was brilliant plus we had the experience in building similar tools (JustProto, ThinkApps for Watch). Founders were also a part of the accelerator we contribute too (Clipster).

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