Haz-Trac lets construction workforce members easily report and avoid hazards.

Project details

Haz-Trac app is the foundation of a new safety culture for construction. The new culture is about preserving life, preventing accidents, superior claims management, and improved project delivery. The app was designed for workers to avoid hazards and to deliver reinforcement reporting data to management. This drives improvement in workforce engagement for ongoing safe job site behavior, resulting in lower claim costs.





About the client

Our Client provides risk consultation and safety services to builders on large-scale construction sites. On job sites, there are many accidents, which result in significant costs and sometimes the loss of life. Our Client's work revolves around minimizing those risks and increasing the profitability of these types of projects.

Background of cooperation

Our team of experienced developers had an opportunity to work with a global startup based in Berlin and London. In addition,the Client liked our agile approach and was active as a product owner.

I had a great experience with DESMART and admire their expertise. They are a nice group of people, each with their own specialization, from agile project management to interface development.

Joanna Stasuk

Marketing Director at Consolidated Risk Solutions

New York, US

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