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Glome provides a Platform-as-a-Service anonymization API. It allows e-commerce providers and event organizers, to serve their own customers across different social networks, browsers, and devices, without registration or downloads. Find out more!

Project details

Glome’s goal is to remove the friction between users and the products they use. The app allows users to anonymously use parts of the application that require having a user account. It helps businesses serve their customers without forcing them to sign up, register, or install anything.





Our challenges

The Desmart team played a supporting role in the existing project. When we started the project, Glome was already running on production.

Our main job was to build a web-based admin panel that provides APIs, stats, and other functions.

The Desmart team, consisted of five experts, including a Project Manager, QA Specialist, and front-end and back-end developer.

Their goals were to:

  • remove any technical debt from the existing architecture.
  • introduce new microservices and integrate them with the existing application.
  • plan and introduce new backend architecture.
  • Our solutions

    A dedicated team was formed to develop an efficient solution for our client. We had to keep the stack as minimal as possible.

    We approached the task by performing the following actions:

  • deploy services using Docker containers on Amazon ECS.
  • use Redis server for a simplified Message Bus system.
  • introduce a queue system based on a database (there was no need to implement something different).
  • Additionally, we decided to use promising new Javascript backend framework - Adonis. It allowed us to implement new features quickly.

    About the client

    Glome is a Helsinki-based startup. They have established a mission of “putting full trust back into peoples' online lives with true benefits, ownership and control of their digital footprint.”

    Behind the scenes

    We began every day with a brief daily call (on, Skype). During this meeting, we shared plans for the upcoming day. It was a good time to discuss anything that needed more clarity. We also used this time to make sure that our backlog was up to date.

    Based on the ideas we provided, they came back with an improved solution.

    Topi Tuominen


    Glome Inc

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