Findish is an app from foodies for foodies. It helps you discover great bites in London!

Project details

Findish will help you to decide which restaurant you can choose thanks to the customer's rates and pictures.

  • Make the decision of choosing the restaurant easier.
  • Find whatever you’re craving.
  • Aggregate all reviews in one place.





Our challenges

Build simple and clear app for foodies with rates and pictures using dedicated API which was created by client and delivered with delay.

Our solutions

We prepared documentation for API and used them to mock miss methods and when the API was ready we had only to replace mock to real data from API.

About the client

Our client's mission is to grow a portfolio of quality startups and build a network of extraordinary entrepreneurs. They believe that innovation is the link between creativity and observation

Background of cooperation

Client had clear requirements and specyfications. The project itself seemed to be interesting.

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