Findish is an app from foodies for foodies. It helps you discover great bites in London!

Project details

Findish will help you to decide which restaurant you can choose thanks to the customer's rates and pictures.

  • Make the decision of choosing the restaurant easier.
  • Find whatever you’re craving.
  • Aggregate all reviews in one place.





Our challenges

London is known as a ‘foodie’ city, meaning its citizens and massive tourist populations each year consume millions of meals at restaurants of all types. The founders of #Findish came out with the idea to create an app which enables the users to choose the best place where they can eat a specific type of food.

The users provide ratings and reviews on the restaurant to give feedback on their experience with a restaurant and help others decide which meal they’d like to try.

Our solutions

Desmart was chosen to build an application that would help iPhone users to choose which restaurant offers the best type of dish. If you crave for “Chicken and avocado burritos” you can select a restaurant, check the rates or reviews from the users.

  • IOS Development
  • Backend Engineering

Desmart worked hand-in-hand with #Findish founders to design and develop applications that would accommodate member restaurant content as well as data delivered by its users. The app also needed an attractive, intuitive user experience for customers seeking information on types of meal or restaurants.

About the client

Our client's mission is to grow a portfolio of quality startups and build a network of extraordinary entrepreneurs. They believe that innovation is the link between creativity and observation

Background of cooperation

Client had clear requirements and specyfications. The project itself seemed to be interesting.

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