Software solutions for all event management processes: online registration, entry management, entry fee.

Project details

Entry is an actionable, data-driven, risk management tool. It helps venue owners reduce their liability for slips and trips and also reduce the insurance costs.

The application is composed of admin panel, where the venue is divided into sub-zones and a to-do list is defined for each zone. Then a schedule is defined for the maintenance staff to make inspection walks around the venue and sign-off each sub-zone using the mobile device and NFC tags placed in the zones.

User-friendly interface improves work for companies, individual clients, and ticket agents. Entry also enables to choose seats, buy tickets and make online reservations in real-time.

Entry combines online systems with access devices (gates, printers, scanners, electronic bands) and makes sport and recreation service easy to reach.





Our challenges

Our goal was to create a universal system that could handle all kinds of objects for mass events such as stadiums, sports halls, events (concerts, conferences, trade fairs), swimming pools, spa, tennis courts, ice rinks, etc. Software had to be prepared to a variety of configuration options that would allow the administrator to adapt it to each customer.

There was also a large number of installations and maintenance for each installation.

Our solutions

We created a plugin system, that allows the installation of supported objects. We had many brainstorming with the team and the client and thorough analysis on the interrelationship between functionality. We were using git flow to manage versions and updates.

About the client

Sportdata is a software and hardware solutions provider. Their expertise spans: events, catering establishment, hotels and resorts, conference facilities, sport and recreation centers.

Background of cooperation

It was a long term cooperation (5 years). We've been developing many modules to the basic system and some extensions. This software is currently used by administrators of the biggest stadiums and event venues in Poland.

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