We had a pleasure to develop a project which helps k-12 school districts and their administrators manage the annual educator evaluation procedures to ensure the highest level of compliance, efficiency and workflow productivity.

Project details

Our client is an American company Encore Technology Group.

The main aim of the project was to help administrators and teachers handle all kinds of evaluations they are obliged to complete during the academic year. We have built easy-to-handle digital forms, dashboards, and report creators for the teachers, their supervisors school principals, and other interested parties.





Our challenges

The development of EnTrack was started about 3 years ago.

During this time, it has gathered a number of issues which are difficult to deal with even for an experienced developer:

  • legacy code written in an outdated version of the framework.
  • EnTrack uses Laravel 4.2, released in 2014, which made it impossible to introduce many convenient features available in existing updates.
  • microservice architecture built with multiple code repositories and databases.
  • making codebase management even more complex.
  • simultaneous work of many remote teams in different time zones.

Our solutions

In order to maximize potential of microservice architecture, EnTrack development team wrote private packages that help connect various microservices together:

  • we are able to communicate between microservices aligned with the framework's philosophy and we can still use (almost) all framework's mechanisms.
  • front-end part of the application is written in Vue.js, allowing to create reactive websites.
  • back-end services are written in PHP 7 and Laravel 4.2. Despite usage of old version, it has certain strong points: a clear philosophy and architecture. However, as mentioned, we're planning to upgrade Laravel to newest version. the main application logic is written with the Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach.

About the client

We had a pleasure to work with two amazing people from Encore Technology Group - Mike and Ron, a developer and product owner. They were accustomed with the Agile methodology, so we could get started quickly and cooperate smoothly.

Behind the scenes

Even though the client and our team were located on separate continents, the time zone difference didn’t cause that much problems. We managed to arrange video calls within the US and European work time and exchange daily news on Slack.

Desmart works with the internal dev team to build and test new software. A rapid methodology and transparent communication are top priorities. [...] They pay incredible attention to detail. Everything they make is well-developed and tested.

Ronald Smith

Director of Product Management

Encore Tech Group

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