The all-in-one electric vehicles subscription-based marketplace platform, connecting drivers with EV rentals.

Project details

elmo is an innovative UK based online platform connecting electric cars (EVs) dealerships and rentals with people looking for electromobility rental options. The marketplace replaces ownership of cars with an innovative subscription model, working exclusively with electric vehicles. DeSmart developed the web application in November 2019 enabling elmo to enter the dynamic market of electromobility in its early stage of existence.





Our challenges

The main goal was to design and develop an online subscription platform that simplifies things for consumers, as well as allowing them easy access to a complete, customized bundle of EV related services. elmo aim was to make usage of electric cars comfortable and well-suited for users’ preferences.

Our solutions

DeSmart delivered RWD single-page application based on Gatsby.js and PHP Laravel (Nova), front- and back-end respectively. Gatsby is a free and open-source framework based on React.js that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps. Nova is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel, crafted to make backend development very productive. Development involved a number of integrations - GoCardless for Xero responsible for payments and invoices among others.

Core functionalities developed in a process were:

  • sustainability test forms matching user needs and preferences with marketplace offer,
  • cross-sell/up-sell mechanism shaping complete bundle of services for future EV users (insurance, power charging options),
  • car inventory management for system admin,
  • graphic chats module to visualize dynamic user data.

Our dedicated team responsible for agile/scrum software development was created out of 3 back-end, 2 front-end developers supported by QA tester, project manager, and UX/UI designer using Adobe Xd and Zeplin to communicate with client and handoff to developers. Slack remained the main real-time communication platform for the project.

About the client

Oliver Jones and Luke Gavin, the London-based pioneer entrepreneurs, are key characters standing behind elmo. They are a new generation of technologists and innovators joining forces to disrupt and redefine the Electric Vehicles (EVs) automotive market.

Behind the scenes

The cooperation between DeSmart and elmo has continued after the MVP launch though the second version released in the early 2020 and platform maintenance stage later on.

DeSmart effectively delivered a platform that served as the starting point of our business. My partner and I have been very pleased with the quality of their work!

Luke Gavin



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