Product development without a good workflow is difficult. That's why after many projects we came up with the concept of 6 steps to successful software development. See below what in our opinion is the best path to success!

First date

Communication is the key in software development process. We discuss project goals and we make sure that we fully understand the scope. It’s also a great time to get to know each other.


We gather the team for the project. They sit together and prepare first rough estimation based on the discussion with the Product Owner.

Agile Workshop

It takes around 2-3 days. The Product Owner together with the team fill in the Business Canvas and Product Canvas. They create a backlog that describes the scope of the first product release.

UX/UI design

With the business goals we create a clickable prototype where every details matter. This phase helps us to understand user's expectations.

Development & QA

We work in weekly or biweekly Sprints. Developers make Planning Session at the beginning of it and then make a Demo at the end of this period. All features are tested by our testing team.


Your app is ready! You can launch it and run a marketing campaign to promote it. We help you with any issues to make sure you satisfy users in a best possible way.

Interested in creating successful project?

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