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PHP is not dead – we use it to build robust, versatile apps. Want one?

When to choose custom PHP development

PHP has been around for some 25 years. But it doesn’t mean it’s outdated (or “dead,” as some people might tell you. You’re not one of them, are you?) It’s just extremely versatile and continues to be one of the most popular open-source programming languages, powering some serious online platforms like Facebook or WordPress. So, when do you need it?

(If you know why you’re choosing PHP, go ahead and skip this part. We need some extra characters to make our SEO person happy. Not that you won’t learn anything, no. But if you’re in a hurry, scroll down to see what we can do for you when it comes to PHP. Or better yet, just reach out so we can chat like normal people.)

PHP is a general-purpose language used to build interactive websites and apps on the server side. It can be embedded into HTML, so it’s easier to add interactive features without calling external files for data. 

PHP can be used to build solid and robust cross-platform apps and user interfaces. You can use it to manage dynamic content, build and manage databases, and entire e-commerce sites. And today, it’s still used by some 80% of websites globally.

The reason why some like to say that PHP is dead is probably because many apps written in PHP years ago now have tons of legacy code that should be updated. But, you know, it’s what often happens with apps written years ago. And it doesn’t actually make PHP useless or old – you can still use PHP to rewrite the code without turning to another language. Of course, there are many considerations when it comes to the tech you should choose to make your software product high-performing but also future-proof. 

And it so happens that we’re the right people to turn to to help you make that decision after a thorough examination of your requirements, user needs, and business goals.

The benefits of custom PHP development

  • Versatile and flexible

PHP is platform-independent and supports most web browsers. PHP-built apps can run on any operating system. It’s also relatively easy to make changes and updates to your app features.

  • Fast and efficient

PHP is a good contender when it comes to speed and helps apps load faster even with lower internet connection speeds. 

  • Easy to integrate

You can easily connect PHP to other technologies, giving you more opportunities to scale your existing software and integrate multiple apps and tools. It also securely connects to almost any database.

  • Cost-efficient

Obviously, as an open-source language, it’s completely free – including all the updates and improvements. There’s no buying expensive licenses or software involved, and the costs of developing PHP-based apps are usually also reasonable.

  • Reliable and secure

Come on, it’s been around for 25 years – enough time to test it in different environments and continue building new tools and frameworks to keep making it more efficient.

  • Large community support

As with any open-source language, PHP has a large, super-engaged community of developers who make sure bugs and inefficiencies keep being fixed and new improvements introduced all the time.

Why choose DeSmart as your PHP development company

We like to think of ourselves as a “not your usual PHP web development company”. Yeah, we know, we’re like all the others saying it. But hear us out. 

First of all, we’re a team of senior developers with some 20 years of experience in custom app development using a wide range of programming languages, including PHP. (And if you’ve actually read the previous sections, you’ll know DeSmart is almost as old as PHP. And no, we’re not dead.)

And besides being an experienced PHP development company, we also have tons of experience in what we think of as the bigger picture: product development, software business models, and user research. So you’re not just working with people who write lines of code and push pixels. We’re going to spend quite some time together at the beginning of our project to make sure all the pieces fit together. And that you’re getting software that meets your expectations, your users’ need, and the goals for your business. And PHP is just a part of that (however important.)

As a teal-oriented PHP development company, we also do things a little differently than most software houses you’ve probably had a chance to work with. We have a super flat structure (actually, we don’t even have a CEO), so you won’t be redirected from person to person or wait for a reply from the developer for a week, going through their manager. You’ll be in touch with the right people who actually build your software, can answer your questions, and can help you make decisions that will benefit your business.

Our Backend Tech Stack

Our Backend Tech Stack

Our PHP development projects

Since PHP has been around for so long and is still so popular, we’ve naturally used it to build many successful software solutions over the years (we mean, decades.) From marketplaces (which have become our specialty) to SaaS platforms, we’ve worked with clients across industries.

What our clients say about our PHP web development services

DeSmart Software Development has succeeded where several other companies have not. I started this project with a certain vision of what I wanted, but no other companies have been able to provide me with what I wanted. With DeSmart Software Development, I have gotten what I wanted and more.
We received a great deal of effort for our money, and I’m happy with our collaboration. The quality of work was professional, and their team identified any bugs by themselves most of the time. Based on the ideas we provided, they came back with an improved solution. They also gave us extra product functionalities.
The initial meeting we had with DeSmart before we started the project was really effective. I recommend doing so if you have the opportunity. Also, their communication, speed of development, and expertise were impressive. DeSmart was excellent at providing their own ideas, which benefited the project greatly.
DeSmart is synonymous with service quality. The company works in a truly agile mode, regularly delivering work increments, which allows to quickly and easily synchronise on requirement details. I was especially impressed with the dev team’s capability to quickly learn and start using our new APIs.
I’d highlight that their ability to adapt is exceptional. We didn’t go with a fixed scope and ended up with a different product than we’d had in mind. They were accommodating of changes and adjustments. That made them very easy to work with. They were also very transparent about pricing, which we appreciated.
I was impressed with their developers' efficiency, speed, and flexibility . Cooperation was smooth and uninterrupted. Monitoring of resource consumption to be improved. Great culture fit. Good value for cost. Company values aligned.


We realize you might not be familiar with all the aspects of the software development process. So here are a few pointers and explanations you might find helpful. And if you have more questions, send us a message, and we’ll get back with the answers.

What are the first steps when we start working together?

1.We always start with consulting your project with our product and business teams to see if we’re indeed a good fit.

2.We’ll then create a cost estimate and a proposed timeline.
Then we’ll organize workshops to help us define the business and product requirements so that we can build the best software solution for your needs. The people who took part in the workshops will make up the foundation of your project team.

3.We sign the contract and set up a kickoff meeting to nail down all the project details.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the technologies you use?

Our development team will talk you through all the benefits and drawbacks of a specific technology for your specific project so that you know all you need to know to make your decision before you actually make it.
One of DeSmart’s core values is transparency, and we always inform our clients about any risks involved.

Will I work with a dedicated contact person on your team?

This really depends on your requirements. We have project managers, testers, and developers on board, and everyone’s equally involved in the project. This means you can talk directly to the developer working on your software and avoid the usual miscommunication that can happen when information travels through the hands and keyboards of multiple people.

Do you use project management software like, e.g. Jira?

Yes, we communicate using Slack and Jira and try not to use email too much. We’re also open to adjusting to the tools your company uses.

Are you a stable company?

Oh, we are. In the past 19 years, we’ve completed over 200 projects and have a full-time in-house team of about 30 people. We’re also the founding members of – the Polish Software Development Association. Go to to read what our current and past clients have said about working with us.

Why would I want to work with you?

We’re a boutique software house hiring a maximum of 30 people. Among other things, this means that your project is always a priority for us – we just can’t take on too many projects at a time. We’re also super honest and transparent and will always give you a clear picture of what’s going on.

Our team includes experts with many years of experience, and we’re often asked by other software houses to support them with their projects.

We also have a unique company culture. We’re teal-oriented and value a human approach to software development (which is why “Human-first software development” is our tagline) and work in general. And you can see it both in how we run the company and the way we work with our clients.

Who can I talk to about an upcoming project?

Set up call with Bartosz Drzewiński - here's his calendar.

Take a look at our blog to learn more about our approach to software creation.

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