Create your custom marketplace

We do it a dozen times a year and we can make your venture successful as well. It’s not about the idea. It’s not about software. It’s about growing your business.


Modular & Flexible

We deliver custom features and growth plans in any configuration. We are practitioners of Agile and Lean processes when we work with our clients. These processes allow your marketplace to be flexible and adjust to the needs of your customers as they grow and evolve. We make sure your marketplace is always responsive and current.

Business and technology

Our specialization in custom multi-vendor marketplaces will allow you to reach even the highest business goals. In workshops, we define together Key Performance Indicators that will guide us to the common success. Due to a strong history in the portfolio and a team of world-class experts in the top-notch technologies, we are proud to offer the highest standard of code and business analytics for your idea.


We have done integrations with key payment gateways and accounting systems that allow you to launch your business anywhere around the globe. Our list of integrations is always growing. We strive to remain the best on-demand platform in the market.


Admin panel

Manage your business with a clean and efficient administrative interface.

Booking system

Does your business model require scheduling meetings, events or other actions? We do it.

Financial Flows

Facilitating financial transactions is crucial. We know how to make it secure, easy, and efficient.


Speak your clients’ language, quote prices in their currency; adjust your platform to your market, don’t make your market adjust to you.


Keep track of the metrics that matter the most to you by building a customized analytics dashboard for your marketplace.


Make selling and renting easy with superior listing functionality on your marketplace platform.

Our realisations

We have built a job portal that connects students and graduates with top companies for internships, freelance and full-time job opportunities in the UAE region. We have provided design, front-end and back-end development for this project.
Tagvenue helps people get together for all types of events by making it easier to find and rent the best venue available. We were happy to help by developing a powerful search engine and creating a friendly user interface. Find out more!

Client stories

During our initial meetings, they understood well what our business purpose was. Based on this, they made many recommendations that we hadn't thought about. When working on an IT solution, the ultimate aim isn't to create a nice, fancy website, but rather to create one that serves a purpose. This is exactly what DeSmart did.

Grzegorz Chodkowski

Founder & CEO

Salary Genius

In terms of deadlines, they performed well. The original timeline was for 15 weeks, and the project was completed in 17 weeks, given that we increased the scope along the way, I would say that's very impressive.

Maks Kondratjuks



The recommendations contributed to the process by DeSmart, coupled with their questioning of our decisions, have made them stand out. The quality of their work is extremely good.

George Williams



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