UX/UI Designer


7 000 - 10 000 PLN + VAT


DeSmart Office

DeSmart is a software development company. An excellent team of people who have been writing good code since 2003. Recently, we have become teal. A teal organisation is one with a flat structure. A trainee, a senior developer and the CEO all have the same rights.

Every member of the team has an influence on the decisions made, even those concerning the company’s financial issues. Everyone's opinion is appreciated, respected and taken into account.

Is it a utopia? It’s not, although if you want to join a teal organization, you need to change your mindset. We have plenty of successes, and we learn from our mistakes. Want to see for yourself?

Write or call us and meet us in person or via Google Meet call. We love to talk! During the first meeting, we are explaining about our unique culture, projects and, specifics of work a lot more than in this paragraph :)

Are you looking for a place that will give you space for creative work in a team of experienced developers?

We are looking for a UX/UI Designer for our product team; a person with an artistic soul, analytical mind and nature of a scholar, who can suggest the best solutions listening to customer’s needs.

If you have a minimum 2 years of experience in creating great designs, have ability to generate wireframes, user and system flows and diagrams, and have ability to gather requirements from the client – click ‘Apply’ and join us!

With us, you will:

What we expect from you:

We would love if you:

Why You Will Love IT at DeSmart?

Best Equipment

We prefer working on the best equipment, but you choose what you need by yourself just after signing a contract with us. Whatever you need!

Career Progressing

Evolve, learn new technologies and get promotion and pay rise.

Flexible Working Time

We embrace earlybirds and night owls, as with remote work the only one rules is to settle it with your teammates.

Guild and Talks

Ready to share your thoughts with others? Internal meetings where you can talk to your colleagues about the new library or their latest discoveries.


Start your first day at work without a stress. New person is attached with buddy who's job is to show the company's climate to feel like you home.

Teal Organization

You will have access to company's revenue, decisions about any aspects of the company such as choosing a technology, choosing new projects, a company's strategy or even which toilet paper we need to buy :) Also on a quarterly basis we share the profit with all in the company.

Team Building

Know each other better! We love spending time together. Once a year we spend three days in a top secret location with quests and cool prizes. Nice people want to spend a nice time together.

Unlimited Home Office

Work from any location you want, anytime you want. There's just one rule: talk to your team and decide with them in mind.

Work with Us!

Don't hesitate and join our team!