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  • Freedom of choice

    You work remotely or on-site. You make your own choices. It's nice if you pop in occasionally, but it's not mandatory.

  • No boss

    You are your own boss. Nobody is standing over you, nobody is following you. Nobody is telling you what is better for you.

  • Board games

    We play board games every Wednesday after work, so go ahead and join us if you want. What’s your favourite?

  • Any working hours

    You work whatever hours you want. We have night owls on board, too. Do you get up at the crack of dawn? No problem either.

  • Friday breakfast

    We have delicious breakfast every Friday and weekly meetings in a hybrid format. You can be remote or on-site.

  • Cool office

    Our two-level office is located in Kamienna Góra. We work in a new building close to the beach.

  • Help when you need

    We are dedicated to solving all kinds of problems. Need something? Let us know on Slack, and you'll have a few people helping you out in a minute. Seriously.

  • Teal organization

    This model puts people first, and the structure is flat. And everyone's equally important.

  • Hobbies

    Wood carving, board games, and playing old school games are just a few of our spare time activities.

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Our processes are not a collection of cheap platitudes from advertisements and commercials but proven, well-thought-out practices that make it a pleasure to work on a project.

We rely on honesty and openness that many clients really appreciate.
Łukasz  •  QA
I enjoy working with people and helping them grow their ideas into valuable startups.

I have the space to combine my analytical thinking skills (as an engineer) with a business approach.
Robert  •  Product Owner
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