Senior PHP Developer (Laravel)

PLN up to 17000 + B2B

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You'll love being part of DeSmart.

  • Freedom of choice

    You work remotely or on-site. You make your own choices. It's nice if you pop in occasionally, but it's not mandatory.

  • No boss

    You are your own boss. Nobody is standing over you, nobody is following you. Nobody is telling you what is better for you.

  • Board games

    We play board games every Wednesday after work, so go ahead and join us if you want. What’s your favourite?

  • Cool office

    Our two-level office is located in Kamienna Góra. We work in a new building close to the beach.

  • Help when you need

    We are dedicated to solving all kinds of problems. Need something? Let us know on Slack, and you'll have a few people helping you out in a minute. Seriously.

  • Hobbies

    Wood carving, board games, and playing old school games are just a few of our spare time activities.

  • PanDa and Charity

    We have our own mutual appreciation tool. We reward each other for good deeds, and convert the points into Allegro vouchers. We also contribute part of the money to help various foundations.

  • New hardware

    We replace notebooks with new ones every 3 years.

  • Company trips

    Twice a year we go on a company weekend event and have a great time.

We’re a software house created by a team of experienced specialists who turn ideas and concepts into breakthrough technological solutions. Our speciality is creating optimal new web and mobile applications from scratch.

We analyze, research, create mockups, and then design the software. We specialize in: JavaScript, PHP, React Native, Node.js, Flutter, Golang, TypeScript, Laravel, Docker and GitLab. Our client portfolio includes startups as well as medium and small companies from the United States, Great Britain, the Benelux countries and Poland.

We’ve been on the market since 2003 and have completed almost 200 projects for 104 clients and counting. But it’s not the numbers that define us. It’s the colour teal. Teal symbolizes calmness and clarity. As an organization, we consider ourselves a teal structure, based on building and growing mutual relationships that benefit everyone involved.

What sets us apart is our human-first software development approach.

DeSmart is made up of people, and people are the most important factor. Our team, our clients and their customers are our top priority. We’re defined by our common values and not by a hierarchy of positions defining individual status or pecking order. 

We’re a group of independent specialists who enjoy working with each other. Everyone has a specific function and tasks, but we’re also flexible. We have no superiors or bosses looking over our shoulder, monitoring our every move or following our progress.

Instead, we have a common mission and skills so we can engage even in the most difficult challenges. We don’t always agree with each other, but our diversity of viewpoints improves our optics so we can make joint decisions about the choice of technology, new projects, and company strategy. This gives us the perfect dynamic for upward mobility in an ever-changing world.

This is not a fairy tale about some non-existent utopia, but an actively created and inspiring reality in which we aim to stay and act together through communication and cooperation. We treat each other as equal partners, without judging, bidding, or betting on ego. We’re fully responsible for the vast majority of our projects: from the point of inception of the clients’ idea to the launch of the finished product on the market. Only 25% of projects are implemented under the so-called “bench”.

Human-first software development is much more than a catchy advertising slogan. At DeSmart, what matters most is who we are, not just the skills we have. We offer benefits tailored to the individual needs of our experts – their daily rhythm, preferences, and interests.

The freedom to work remotely

We work from various locations, with the option to work from our office designed for its atmosphere and ambience – a tenement house with a garden, located in the centre of Kamienna Góra in Gdynia. We meet for projects there, but also to socialize for board games on Wednesdays and have breakfast together on Fridays.

Flexible working hours

We’re an integrated group of early birds and night owls and are motivated to get to the task at hand. Being passionate about what we do and enthusiastic about creating solutions, we’re open to working at the times and in the places that stimulate us most.

Team support

We’re a close-knit team and we can count on each other in every matter – private and professional. Move? Help in caring for the baby? No problem. We always bring good vibes and a positive spirit! 

If DeSmart values ​​are close to you and you want to talk about your project or join our team – let’s talk.

With us, you will:

  • work with PHP and Laravel, using TDD approach in Docker-hosted environment  
  • design solutions using DDD approach
  • develop PostgreSQL databases
  • work with experienced team of Senior PHP/Laravel Developers
  • talk and plan with the team and the Product Owner, and have a say in defining project form and scope
  • work on the Product Canvas, User Stories, Event Storming, Story Mapping, and Backlog creation
  • develop the skills you are most interested in – new technologies, Internet of Things, workshops, conferences, you name it!
  • work with startups from all over the world
  • share experiences and good practices with the team during guild meetings and during code reviews of each merge request

What we expect from you:

  • professional experience writing PHP code according to current standards and best practices
  • experience with PHP 7.4+
  • experience in writing unit tests (e.g. PHPUnit)
  • experience with Git, GitFlow
  • communicative English – we work mainly with clients abroad
  • openness and resourcefulness – we won’t tell you how to do things. You’ll be telling us how you want to do them.
  • good communication skills and assertiveness. You will talk directly to the clients

We would love if you had experience with:

  • Laravel 
  • PHP 8.0+
  • Docker
  • CI systems

Our processes are not a collection of cheap platitudes from advertisements and commercials but proven, well-thought-out practices that make it a pleasure to work on a project.

We rely on honesty and openness that many clients really appreciate.
Łukasz  •  QA
I enjoy working with people and helping them grow their ideas into valuable startups.

I have the space to combine my analytical thinking skills (as an engineer) with a business approach.
Agata  •  Frontend Dev
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