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Deploy faster with more confidence, not more anxiety.

When to choose custom DevOps services

Does deploying software seem like a nightmare every time? There might be a whole list of reasons, with lack of communication and overall process chaos topping the list. If you don’t have internal processes and resources to change that, working with a DevOps company like DeSmart is an easy fix. 

It usually goes like this: you have software to deploy and a product to launch. And a team of developers working on the different bits, the backend, the frontend, integrations, and security. You know the drill.

Each of them working in different environments and tech stacks, and often in silos. (Not to mention the business operations team having their marketing and sales activities planned ahead and budgets to spend.) 

And when it’s time to bring it all together and deploy, all sorts of things may happen: 

  • Manual errors pop up that take time and money to fix and can result in lost data, dissatisfied customers, and even lost revenue.
  • Bottlenecks arise that prolong the deployment and can delay business launches, often wasting already spent marketing dollars. 
  • Software security is often compromised when teams haven’t communicated efficiently up to that point.

Wasting time, money, and effort is not uncommon at this stage. But it’s also unnecessary – at least, that’s what we believe.

Enter DevOps services – a way to automate, integrate, and accelerate software development and deployment so that it’s more predictable, reliable, and scalable. Making everyone happy: your team, your business, and your customers.

Now, if you don’t have the internal capacity or expertise, DevOps consulting services (like those we offer at DeSmart) are a way out and can actually be more cost effective than hiring and keeping DevOps experts on your in-house team. Especially when you need to launch an app quickly and could use someone’s help automating the process and eliminating potential obstacles and errors – also in the future.

Working with an external DevOps consulting company will help you focus on your core business activities around your product launch more instead of putting out fires and patching things up last minute, causing everyone stress, frustration, and over time (not to mention the cost to the business.)



The benefits of custom DevOps services

  • Faster time-to-market

    DevOps services help launch software products faster by fostering team collaboration and communication, automating processes, and ensuring continuous integration and delivery.

  • Higher quality

    You (quite obviously) get better quality software products if you integrate testing and quality assurance processes into the development cycle, which is part of DevOps services.

  • Improved efficiency

    DevOps services help increase efficiency and performance by automating tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention, and optimizing processes. All of which results in faster delivery.

  • Better security

    Part of the whole idea of DevOps services is also incorporating security into the development process right from the start (to not have to worry about it when it’s basically too late).

  • Scalability

    DevOps services help companies easily and quickly scale software products because they automate the deployment process and provide infrastructure as code

  • Smoother collaboration

    Collaboration between development, operations, and other teams is at the heart of DevOps, helping achieve better alignment on goals that can now be reached more easily.

What do custom DevOps services include?

In general, DevOps encompasses the entirety of the software development process. Here’s what you can expect if we work together as your DevOps consulting company:

  • Automating and optimizing the software development process for better and faster outcomes. A DevOps agency like DeSmart can create scalable services that help ensure optimal performance for the deployed software. We also build predictability into software development, helping reduce deployment anxiety.
  • Auditing code and software development and deployment processes to define gaps and obstacles and then recommend ways to fix them. Your team can also incorporate those solutions into future projects, improving the way your company develops and deploys software overall.
  • Cloud architecture and system architecture consulting, including optimizing the overall structure of your software systems, your processes, and policies, as well as the software and hardware involved.
  • Server and network infrastructure in one of the best data centres in Poland, with 24/7 server administration, monitoring, and backup.




We realize you might not be familiar with all the aspects of the software development process. So here are a few pointers and explanations you might find helpful. And if you have more questions, send us a message, and we’ll get back with the answers.

What are the first steps when we start working together?

1.We always start with consulting your project with our product and business teams to see if we’re indeed a good fit.

2.We’ll then create a cost estimate and a proposed timeline.
Then we’ll organize workshops to help us define the business and product requirements so that we can build the best software solution for your needs. The people who took part in the workshops will make up the foundation of your project team.

3.We sign the contract and set up a kickoff meeting to nail down all the project details.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the technologies you use?

Our development team will talk you through all the benefits and drawbacks of a specific technology for your specific project so that you know all you need to know to make your decision before you actually make it.
One of DeSmart’s core values is transparency, and we always inform our clients about any risks involved.

Will I work with a dedicated contact person on your team?

This really depends on your requirements. We have project managers, testers, and developers on board, and everyone’s equally involved in the project. This means you can talk directly to the developer working on your software and avoid the usual miscommunication that can happen when information travels through the hands and keyboards of multiple people.

Do you use project management software like, e.g. Jira?

Yes, we communicate using Slack and Jira and try not to use email too much. We’re also open to adjusting to the tools your company uses.

Are you a stable company?

Oh, we are. In the past 19 years, we’ve completed over 200 projects and have a full-time in-house team of about 30 people. We’re also the founding members of – the Polish Software Development Association. Go to to read what our current and past clients have said about working with us.

Why would I want to work with you?

We’re a boutique software house hiring a maximum of 30 people. Among other things, this means that your project is always a priority for us – we just can’t take on too many projects at a time. We’re also super honest and transparent and will always give you a clear picture of what’s going on.

Our team includes experts with many years of experience, and we’re often asked by other software houses to support them with their projects.

We also have a unique company culture. We’re teal-oriented and value a human approach to software development (which is why “Human-first software development” is our tagline) and work in general. And you can see it both in how we run the company and the way we work with our clients.

Who can I talk to about an upcoming project?

Set up call with Bartosz Drzewiński - here's his calendar.

Why choose DeSmart as your DevOps company?

At DeSmart, we offer businesses worldwide a unique combination of almost 20 years of experience, a deep understating of the software development process and the problems that come with it, and up-to-the-minute expertise in the latest tech. 

We’re not industry dinosaurs doing the same thing over and over again for years – instead, we’re always looking for ways to use our knowledge to change things and make software development processes more efficient, easier, and risk-free.

So when you work with us as your DevOps company, you get a partner who can dive deep into your processes and help you optimize them in a way you can continue using on your own in the future. We’ll work with you on both the tech and business side of things, helping you connect the dots internally and deploy better software with much more confidence in the final result. 

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We have what now amounts to decades of experience providing web and mobile app development as well as DevOps services to businesses worldwide across industries. Our DevOps experts can support your in-house software development team in automating and optimizing software development and deployment overall.

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