Agile Software Development – interview with Bartek, our COO

Bartek is our COO and Co-founder at DeSmart. We decided to ask him some questions about producing outstanding digital products.

What does Agile mean to you?

It means working as a motivated team to deliver complex products.

Collaboration and cooperation between highly skilled team members are most important for achieving a particular project goal. Completing a project in an Agile way means constantly working on perfecting team collaboration and product stage with certainty that we are getting better with every sprint.

How do Agile Methodologies help clients make better online products?

A typical scenario looks as follows. First, we agree with the Product Owner, who is often very passionate about their vision for the product. Typically, starting a project is the most crucial business decision in a client’s career. Clients frequently have no detailed technical knowledge of what the product will look like. However, they know why they want to build a said product, which problem it will solve, and who their target customer is. So clients in our project are a part of an Agile team, and we are working towards the same goal. We believe in full transparency and honesty in a project’s progress.

Why people should use Agile Methodologies?

Let’s be honest, there are many duties required of a team that need to be carried out in a fixed period of time. We often receive a long list of requirements that sometimes involve weeks of development. In a heavily saturated market with apps, others have likely already tried to create a similar product. The successful creation of a project depends on the people who will be responsible for its development and their ability to make things happen. So agility means finding a balance between building the right product, building the product right, and building it fast and efficiently. The product owner is responsible for creating the right product, the Development team for building the product right, and the Agile Coach and Team for building it fast while making improvements with every sprint.

Describe Agile at DeSmart in 1-2 sentences

We believe that completing projects in an Agile way is the best way to make the right products quickly while ensuring high quality. From our experience, we have found this recipe for efficient product delivery.

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