5 Places You Will Find Beacons in 2015

When software meets hardware

Beacons are incredibly powerful piece of electronics that allows you to communicate with devices like smartphones. They give you 2 interesting options: collect data about people around + send them relevant notifications and call to actions. To see how does the technology function and where does it come from watch the video:

The number of places where we can find them is growing every day. Companies like Kontakt.io have over 6 000 clients already (less than year on the market). There are many places where you can feel iBeacons right now and interact with them. Let me show you a few interesting scenarios and explain why such application of iBeacons can revolutionise the market.

“Beacon Technology is all about getting information about real world things and making it something that computers can interact with. As the Internet of Things evolves, new ways of gathering this information will be needed; we will need to go beyond simple beacons to make interactions between the real world and the Internet more seamless and user-friendly. New tools such as our Cloud Beacons are just beginning to bridge this gap between one-way bluetooth broadcasting and something more powerful, but there’s further still to go.

The future of beacon technology will also depend on how it is used; with great power comes great responsibility, and companies who are making use of beacons should keep in mind that like most everything else on the Internet, they are only valuable when they solve a problem for the users. Too many apps flood the user with alerts and notifications or else harvest the users’ data in a creepy fashion. Developers need to make sure that we don’t treat beacons as just a way to carpet-bomb phones with coupons and realtime presence alerts or else consumers will reject this technology despite the strong promise behind it.”

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