5 Things to Make Data Migration Easier

in Backend by Radosław, Fullstack Developer


How To Generate Your Project's Changelog From Commit Messages?

by Kamil in

Keeping the project's changelog up-to-date is a boring task we tend to skip. Learn how to update the changelog effortlessly using Git commit messages and ReadmeGen.

Dump Links #2 - JavaScript Tools

by Kamil in

Previous part of the „Dump Links” was about server side languages. Today I'm gonna show you tools written using JS. But not only...

Case Study - DeSmart.com Website

by Ewa in

How, and more important why we redesigned our website.

5 Things to Make Data Migration Easier

by Radosław in

At some point you'll have to face data migration problem. It’s a delicate process. Fortunately, most of these problems can be avoided in a few simple steps. Here's the list of things that I try to make during this process.

What Google Can Learn From DeSmart? The Culture

by Damian in

I am not sure if it’s a part of culture but people here are willing to help and you know that everyone cares about you. It’s like the famous sentence from “Fast and Furious” - "We are not the team, we are family".

Dump Links #1

by Kamil in

In DeSmart we find interesting things every day. I found it very useful and I'll try to share all those interesting things on our Blog. I'll mostly write about PHP, Frameworks, CSS and all technology news.

Future Of Marketing - How Inventors And Marketers Change The World?

by Damian in

Stay up to date - read a lot, talk to tech people and watch people's behaviours - it all represents some trends and you might use later to get in touch with your audience.

5 Places You Will Find Beacons In 2015

by Damian in

Beacons are powerful piece of electronics that allows you to communicate with smartphones. They give you 2 options: collect data about people around + send them notifications and call to actions.

Be Careful With MySQL's auto_increment. How We Ended Up Losing Data

by Kamil in

You can stumble upon bugs that make you want to jump out through a window. Don't give up and always try to find a solution. If you don't know the bug's origin try to do all you can to track it down.

Agile By Example 2014 Retrospective. What Was Excellent and What Should Be Improved?

by Bartosz in

At the end of every retrospective should appear "Celebration moment". Do not forget about it! It was underlined by Ángel Medinilla on the Agile Kaizen - Better retrospectives workshops.

Why Designing UX is Better Than Designing Graphics? It’s All About The Process

by Ewa in

Combining two approaches - working LIVE with Client and giving him tool to easily comment my design creates a win-win situation. Client is IN the process so he knows what is happening and I get a quick feedback.

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