Done Is Better Than Perfect

in Business by Mateusz, PHP Developer


Can You Fall In Love With The Client (Product Owner)?

by Damian in

What is the best recipe for an amazing digital product? Of course the relationship between Product Owner and software development team. Find out why.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

by Mateusz in

Don't wait for the perfection that will never happen. Just do it. Read why.

D-Day - How Craftsmen Build Cool Products In One Day

by Damian in

Building a product in one day sounds almost impossible but if you have a motivated Team and a great idea everything can be crafted, even a Huge Arcade Machine!

When Does Collecting Feedback Improve Software Development Process?

by Damian in

Imagine you’ve launched your software and there are some mistakes you see. You want to avoid them in the future. How to run a proper retrospective to improve things?

Why Remote Software Development Works? The Story Of A Startup #tagvenue From London

by Damian in

Everyone wants to build his dreamed startup and needs tech people for that. If finding co-founders locally is hard maybe it’s time to look further? Read the story of successful launch of #tagvenue with our team.

How To Find The Best Technical Partner For Your Startup

by Damian in

Finding Tech People to your startup is not an easy game. It takes time, energy and money. So how to build a strong Tech Team without losing your patience and motivation? Let’s find out.

From Introvert to The Master Of Networking - The Story of A Few Beers

by Piotr in

How to build contacts network and let your startup grow.

How Much For An App? Estimation The Agile Way

by Damian in

The cost of building an app is not easy to estimate, but a lot of people don't understand that. Read why a simple app is more expensive than you thought.

Do You Have a Project With Technical Debt? It's Time For Refactoring!

by Kamil in

Our history how we made and how we fixed technical debt in our project.

How Measuring Happiness Helped Us Build A Better Team

by Lucjan in

Happy team is productive team. They will not contemplate the reasons why they are unhappy and will be able to focus on delivering. Learn how to help yourself build a happy and motivated team.

WinNFSd - How To Speed Up You Vagrant Environment On Windows

by Damian in

What you can and cannot do when you want speed up Vagrant on Windows.

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