Year in Review. Desmart Highlights in 2017

in Business by Bartek on December 28th, 2017

The beginning of the new year is a perfect time to look back on how things went over the past twelve months.

Desmart in numbers

In 2017 we employed 8 new people with different backgrounds and experience. This year we grew our team to 32 employees. They are really valuable assets and they quickly became a part of our family.

We have completed 30 amazing projects. We have created digital solutions for our business partners from various fields of activity and from different countries.

Right now we have clients from USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and UAE.

Desmart has been in business since 2003, and we continue to expand our company and still grow. We were honored by being included in the new research released by - an independent research company that identifies and creates classifications of top web agencies and developers.

At the beginning of 2017, Desmart was classified by Clutch as one of Poland’s Leading Developers and the rankings are based on positive reviews from our clients. Our goal has been (and always will be) to meet our client’s needs and to become better and better in every area of our activity.

Meetups and other events

At Desmart, we believe in the importance of being involved in the local technology scene, which is why we held a series of meetups. In 2017 we have hosted React'Up - a meetup group for people who want to learn more about React and React Native frameworks.

We felt that the community for React Native developers was sorely lacking, so we came up with an idea of creating a meetup group. Each subsequent edition became more and more popular. During the events, we also invited React Native experts from other companies as speakers. Our team members also spoke on panels (e.g. in Agile groups), attended conferences and sponsored industry meetups. We also organized and hosted a hackathon which helped us to recruit young talents for an internship program - Desmart’s Code Cadets, tailored for beginner software developers.

Good vibes

As always, a huge part of these accomplishments are thanks to the Desmart team.

Our company believes in a strong work and life balance, which is why we made sure to have lots of fun too, through board game sessions, onsite training, 3-day company retreat and in-house parties.

Although we work in the digital field, we never lose sight of what’s important - good communication and partnership. As an organization deeply embedded in Agile, we strive to develop it through teamwork, trust and collaboration.

Future plans

We still have new, ambitious goals to reach in the coming months - we are constantly improving our communication skills and relations.

This year we also came up with an idea that would take the management of our organization to the next level. We were always creating a work environment based on partnership and equality. Right now we are planning to develop towards a Teal Organization structure, which means traditional management is replaced with self-management within teams. We have just begun this journey, but we are determined to see it through and we believe we can accomplish this goal.

As we look back on the incredible year we had in 2017, we can’t help but get excited for what 2018 will bring.

P.S. We gathered a bunch of stats about 2017 and visualized them in the infographic below.

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