Why Should Clients Spend Some Time with the Software Provider?

in Business, Culture by Damian on January 4th, 2017

Friends from London

Last year we visited London a couple of times. We’ve met hundreds of people and we encouraged them to come over to Poland, because most of them have never been here. It was quite challenging, but in some cases this evangelisation went very well.

Last week we were hosting Patrice, Oli, George and Peter in Gdynia. We discussed the current projects and the future ones. It was a great time to answer many questions:

  • Can we estimate projects together?
  • Can we improve some things in our workflow?
  • How do we envision the long-term cooperation?
  • How can we create a win-win situation?

And many others.

Spending time together

Sometimes we work with people 100% remotely, but it has some challenges. Lack of personal communication and casual discussions makes the development process harder. Talking only about work and the project doesn’t create a strong partnership. At the end of the day we are all human and we share similar values and needs. It is a completely different experience when we have a chance to bring clients or partners to our office. First of all, they are outside of their daily routine, so they are not distracted by their regular environment. Secondly, they want to get to know us as real people with different stories and backgrounds. Together we have a chance to discuss personal and business objectives and prioritise them to build great digital products. Last but not least, we enjoy spending time together - going out for dinner, watching the Euro 2016 game or grabbing a beer/coffee. It’s fun!

Why does it matter?

We learn from each other. We have a chance to better understand our expectations, behaviours and motivations. It helps a lot in the further software development process, because we know how to communicate, we forgive more and we understand each other clearly. We discuss issues more honestly. It’s easier to explain hard things face to face than on Skype.

At the end of the day, it’s all about trust. You don’t build it in one day. It takes time and effort. The better we know each other, the more we care about the project and the client. We strengthen the relationship and we build long term commitment with positive feelings on both sides.

Why you should come visit?

Below you can see what George had to say about the cooperation with us and his impressions after visiting Poland twice already.

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