How to Build a Video Studio in 1 Day. Desmart After-Hours

in Business, Culture by Damian on December 20th, 2016

I love making things.

As you know last year I started my adventure with video production for our purpose. This time I decided to go a step ahead and improve my skills. I decided to build a professional video studio.

Part I - Inspiration

I’ve found a great tool from WISTIA, but what’s more important they shared their library with useful hints and tips, how using available resources create a professional studio. I was amazed. Short 5 minutes videos explained everything.

Part II - Building time

Luckily we had a D-day, when we create cool things like Arcade Game and I decided to use it as a time for realising my plan. I gathered the team (Piotr, Ewa and myself) and we started building. We’ve done gear and then started shooting.


High quality video with pretty good lights, audio and video. We know now how to rebuild it, when we will decide to make an online course or something.

If you are interested in the development process have a look at the story:

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