5 Growth Hacking Articles You Should Read

in Business by Damian on December 4th, 2016

You have an awesome startup, right? Great, but why don’t you have clients and a bank account full of money? Isn’t that one of the major indicators of success?

Your business doesn’t exist without sales and without traffic of potential people who can buy your product. Even if your stuff is amazing, you still need visitors - people who get interested in your product according to the famous marketing model called AIDA.

I guess your question is: Ok, smart guy, so how can I get more traffic and generate potential leads? How can I reach people that I haven’t met before who can potentially buy my product?

My answer is simple: use Growth Hacking (GH). GH is a skill which enables you to reach your audience and make people aware of your solution. That’s it! The audience’s reaction depends on your service or product. However, GH is a valuable way to make the first step, engage people with your content or product and boost sales in the long term.

OK, enough talking! Now, practice time. Take a look below and apply one of the ideas for getting new leads and clients. I hope some of them will become your new source of long term revenue. Go, launch an experiment and share your result in the comments after a couple of weeks!


7 Ideas For Making Your Content Viral

Neil Patel. Remember this name. He is one of the most influential growth hackers in the world. The co-founder of startups like: Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. I had a chance to speak to him in person and he really knows how to do magic and bring more traffic to your website. Apply his rules and your CRM will be full of new clients.



From 300 to 5K followers on Twitter in 3 weeks.


Karan Thakkar has created an awesome article about how to increase the number of your followers on Twitter. Thanks to the simple script and web developer tools you can build a huge community in a short time. You can also copy a twitter list by list-copy from other users which will help you increase engagement. Hint: Be careful, Twitter has limits and if you will cross the limit, you can be banned.

Twitter: @geekykaran


5 Growth Hacking Stories You Can Replicate


Karol Pokojowczyk from Colibri.io is sharing his knowledge about increasing traffic in SaaS model. As a founder of SEO tool he knows this stuff and can be considered a great advisor for your business.

Twitter: @karolpokojowczyk


From 150 K To 2 M In 5 Months With one Acquisition Hack


Lucas Emma from SocialTools.me shares a great story about an interesting phenomenon. He makes the users’ reviews the most powerful acquisition tool. With one trick he achieved a great success. Read this and try to apply the idea to your business.

Twitter: @lucasemma


The Growth Hacker Cookbook


If you want to master something, you need to start with the theory and some examples. That’s why The Growth Hacker Cookbook was created. It’s a great collection of the best GH articles written on Medium. Go through the headlines and find something useful for your business. Then apply it, measure the outcome and see if you can scale it or replicate the effect somewhere else. Don’t trust the words, experiment and make sure you get the expected results.

Great, now you are the Master of GH (theoretically). I hope you already have tabs open in your browser with articles that sparked your interest. I keep my fingers crossed for your success. Make sure you will move forward. There are thousands of resources available on the Internet, but you need to be specific. Read what is valuable for your business and follow others footsteps to forge your new reality. There are no guarantees of success, but maybe you will discover some new GH hacks and write an article about it soon? :)

Good luck!

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