3 Things to Know About Android as React Native Developer

in Mobile by Adam , Mobile Developeron March 10th, 2018


Why You Earn More by Spending Money on Software Testing

in Frontend, QA by Kacper, FrontEnd Developeron January 8th, 2018


Year in Review. Desmart Highlights in 2017

in Business by Bartosz, Project Manageron December 28th, 2017


3 Things to Know About Android as React Native Developer

by Adam

3 things you should know when switching from frontend or iOS to Android.

How to Understand the Values Essential to a Scrum:#Commitment

by Lidia

By investing in value, we build not only personal healthy self-confidence, but also the strength of the organization. What values, then, should we choose? This is where a framework called Scrum appears.

How to Boost Team Recognition with Slack: PanDa Bot

by Michał

This is a story about how all of us here at Desmart reward our colleagues using PanDa - our genuine Slack bot.

Why You Earn More by Spending Money on Software Testing

by Kacper

No matter what size and domain the software project is, there is always this one thing that can dramatically improve its quality - the tests. Here's a post about the importance of testing from developer's point of view.

Year in Review. Desmart Highlights in 2017

by Bartosz

As we face new opportunities and challenges in 2018, take a look back on some of our most celebrated moments over the past year. Read a short summary of our company accomplishments.

Why Berlin Can Be a Good Place for Polish Startups

by Laila

At Desmart we have worked with clients from many European countries, including Germany. Berlin is starting to be considered as a startup ecosystem, particularly aiming at the tech startup scene. Why Berlin can be a gate to the German market for Polish startups?

How To Deal With The Competition? Love Them!

by Damian

This is a story how the right approach and practices of top software houses in Poland can exchange the understanding of the biggest challenges, opportunities, and improvements they can make as a community.

How To Become a Software Developer and Gain the First Commercial Experience

by Kamila

How to gain the necessary qualifications and skills to become a software developer? How to enter the job market? Are hackathons useful to increase your knowledge and gain team work experience or maybe a first job? Read on for some practical ways to gain commercial experience as a coder.

Ng-Report - Front-End Development Made Easier with AngularJS

by Kamil

A short case study of the project in which we used AngularJS and how it may benefit the development.

React'Up #2 - Another Great Meetup Creating a New Tradition

by Damian

Read a short summary of React'Up #2 - a local React Native meetup which took place in our office.

New Website - New Challenges - Desmart.com

by Piotr

Our website underwent major rebranding at the beginning of 2017. One of the main tasks was to redesign the old website, so that it was unconventionally designed, as well as fast and easy to maintain.

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