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Alicja Frontend Dev

Michał Backend Dev Co-founder

Wojtek Marketing

Daria Backend Dev

Kamil Fullstack Dev

Kamil Backend Dev Co-founder

Michał Backend Dev Co-founder

Robert Product Owner

Bartosz Frontend Dev

Kacper Backend Dev

Kinga Office Manager

Jacek Backend Dev

Piotr Frontend Dev

Adrian People & Culture

Sandra Frontend Dev

Łukasz QA

Bartosz Business Developer

Bartosz COO Co-founder

Iwona Project Manager Co-founder

Marcin Frontend Dev

Kacper UX/UI Designer

Rafał Frontend Dev

Paweł Backend Dev

Jan QA

Aleksandra Mobile Dev

Piotr CTO/DevOps Co-founder


Work with us across the entire software development cycle

  • Product Discovery

    Get super clear on the software you want to create, from researching your target audience to defining the exact features they need (and don’t need) to figure out the ways your product can bring the business results you’re after.

  • UX/UI Design

    Get a software product whose design is not only clean and nice to look at, but – most of all – intuitive and easy to use for your customers, as confirmed by in-depth user research and best user experience design practices.

  • Backend Development

    Hand over your backend software development to an experienced agile dev team, who can deliver high-performing, secure web apps from scratch or refactor your legacy code. Or you could enhance your in-house team with skilled backend developers and testers who also understand business

  • Frontend Development

    Get reliable, great-looking websites, marketplaces and apps with intuitive interfaces your customers will actually enjoy using. Let us build the entire thing for you, rewrite old underperforming software, or get experienced frontend developers to support your in-house team.

  • Maintenance

    We’re not done when the product’s ready and shipped. That’s why the DeSmart team includes DevOps and support experts to make sure your software runs smoothly and securely from day one and its quality only gets better with time, and never worse. The longer you are with us, the better software you have.

  • Hosting & Infrastructure

    It's a priority service only for our clients. Managed by DeSmart DigitalOcean cloud hosting platform.
    Coding, testing, and hosting stored and developed in one safe CI/CD environment. We always use GitLab.


Take it from our past and present clients

We received a great deal of effort for our money, and I’m happy with our collaboration. The quality of work was professional, and their team identified any bugs by themselves most of the time. Based on the ideas we provided, they came back with an improved solution. They also gave us extra product functionalities.
The initial meeting we had with DeSmart before we started the project was really effective. I recommend doing so if you have the opportunity. Also, their communication, speed of development, and expertise were impressive. DeSmart was excellent at providing their own ideas, which benefited the project greatly.
DeSmart is synonymous with service quality. The company works in a truly agile mode, regularly
delivering work increments, which allows to quickly and easily synchronise on requirement details. I was
especially impressed with the dev team’s capability to quickly learn and start using our new APIs.
  • 200 engaging projects
  • 110 exceptional clients
  • 11 clients’ locations
  • 18 years in business

What our clients do

  • All industries

  • Transport / Logistics

  • Real Estate / Proptech

  • HR Management

  • Automotive

  • E-learning

  • Events

  • Grocery

  • Equestrian

  • Marketing

Startups by DeSmart

Sometimes we're our own client – and a happy one

What's your challenge?

We understand the challenges companies face with software creation

  • Validating product assumptions

    Validating product assumptions

  • Building an MVP

    Building an MVP

  • The right tech stack

    The right tech stack

  • Getting accurate cost estimation

    Getting accurate cost estimation

  • Working on crystal clear terms

    Working on crystal clear terms

  • Fixing buggy software

    Fixing buggy software

  • Updating legacy software

    Updating legacy software

  • Scaling up

    Scaling up

  • Builiding a marketplace

    Builiding a marketplace

Custom software

Our tech stack

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • React Native

  • Flutter

  • TypeScript

  • React

  • Node.js

  • Golang

  • Vue.js

  • Laravel

  • Docker

  • GitLab


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