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Desmart builds mobile and web apps for business and industrial applications. Each of our clients is different, yet they all look to Desmart’s Digital Solution Engineers for new Mobile & Web Apps to simplify processes, help customers and solve critical problems. We work with start-ups, multinationals and most companies in between. Desmart is there for customers from project start-up through to product rollout and on-going maintenance.

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We are not just developers. We think about the problem, analyse possible solution and pick the right one. We can help you at different stages of the business building some parts of the product or improving existing things based on audits we make for you.


We build small and useful piece of software within 2-3 months. It can help you verify your business model and decide if you want to scale or pivot. We use Lean and Agile approach and we make sure the product relates to business processes. Try it on your own!


Sometimes you have great ideas but you need an external team to help you digitalise your business. We jump into to challenge and take full control over the product development process. With our experience we can help you build products that simplify your business and brings a value to it. If you want to digitalise your company you are in the right place! Let’s get in touch!


Users love simple solutions. They visit your website or use your software because they want to complete specific action. Make sure it’s easy and pleasant. With our help we can run an UX audit and give you specific clues how to improve it, make your users happy and increase the business value.


In software development one of the most important issues is quality of your code. If it’s clean and scalable then you can easily make changes and create new features. If not you might stuck. Let us know if you need help in this area. We can check your code, give you some guidelines and supercharge your code.


People who work with us are happy and share their feeling about working with Desmart. Join this list!

During our initial meetings, they understood well what our business purpose was. Based on this, they made many recommendations that we hadn't thought about. When working on an IT solution, the ultimate aim isn't to create a nice, fancy website, but rather to create one that serves a purpose. This is exactly what DESMART did.

Grzegorz Chodkowski

Founder & CEO

Salary Genius

In terms of deadlines, they performed well. The original timeline was for 15 weeks, and the project was completed in 17 weeks, given that we increased the scope along the way, I would say that's very impressive.

Maks Kondratjuks



DESMART has done a fine job. Their team is exceptionally capable and they invested a lot of time and effort into the project work, even at a personal level, despite them simply being contractors.

Josaiah Chong


GoGetDo GmbH

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